Roadside worship {a throwback Thursday post}

This week’s Throwback Thursday post is from April 11, 2006. Nothing special. Just a snapshot of one of the earliest posts in my blogging life.


This past weekend’s travels took me to Camp Sonrise Mountain in Western PA. The camp is quite cool in that you can park in Pennsylvania and walk just a few yards across the parking lot into the dining hall and BAM! you’re in Maryland. I’m told that elsewhere on the camp you can actually wander into West Virginia.

I’m actually not much for camps. I’d take a cheap hotel anyday over a cabin. Of course, I really like hotels like the Omni in Pittsburgh, where I stayed for the National Youth Workers Convention, but that is usually far above my price range.

The part I do like about such adventures is hanging with the youth even if they aren’t kids I am used to being around. This time, there was no one from my own youth group, but the kids were still so much fun and so full of personality. I also finally got to see Narnia. It was a great movie, but I’m not sure I understand all the fanfare. Sure, there were some allusions to Scripture, but I don’t think people who don’t already know the Bible will have much of a clue as to what those allusions referred.

As usual, I loved the driving part. More tunes. More singing. At least on the way home. The way to the camp Saturday morning was rather wet and slick in spots. I saw the remains of an accident that happened hours earlier on the interstate. Since all the vehicles were still there, I thought it must have just happened, but I found out later that the accident had happened long before I had been there. I guess it was not cleaned up yet because someone had been killed. I had a feeling as I passed it that no one could have survived that sort of collision. Crashes like that are something I just don’t think about when I am driving. I wonder if anyone else does.

The way home was so much more fun. It was a gorgeously sunny spring day with a crystal clear blue sky. I actually stopped at one of those little visitor center kind of things along the interstate more because of the photo ops than any educational value. It turns out this big slice out of the mountain that was created to make room for the highway is actually a nifty geology classroom.

But, it can be more.

Minutes before I pulled into the parking lot, I was singing along with the Passion 2006 CD (as usual as of late). More specifically, I was singing along with the chorus, “Our God Reigns.” As I looked at the splendor of this mountain pass and the delicacy of the daffodils and the sheer beauty of a cloudless sky, I was amazed all over again by the grandeur of our amazing King and Creator. As I made my way down the stairs from a lookout platform, I realized that at some point along the way, I had begun singing the song again.

So, worship can indeed happen anywhere – even along an interstate with the noise of traffic whizzing past.