O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Matt Maher

Let’s not move too quickly into the season. Advent is to be a time of anticipation, of waiting for the promised One. It’s easy to want to skip ahead to the celebration, but there is much to learn and to experience in the anticipation that makes the celebration all the more joyous when it comes.

That’s what I remember most about Christmas as a kid. The month of December passed so very slowly. It seemed the weeks would drag on from the time I watched Santa arrive at the mall until Christmas Eve. The anticipation continued to build day after day.

Now, I wish I could bring back those days. Now, any longing for the celebration of Christmas proper can get lost in the daily grind to which is added all the preparation for the holiday. Instead of anticipation, we’re burdened with a sense of time slipping through our fingers.

So, what do you do?


Paper plates instead of fancy place settings.

Old decorations that have been in the family for years instead of poring over Pinterest for the newest and brightest.

Limit time on social media for time in the Scriptures (particularly those prophesying the coming of the Messiah) and a good Advent devotional.

Take time for cookies and dinner and adventures with the family. The house cleaning can wait until January.

And above all, no matter how tired, how weary I get … rejoice! Help is on the way. Christ has come.

This is post in the ongoing Wednesday Selah series. After diving back into the work week on Monday and racing through all the tasks that Tuesday brings, let’s take a pause on Wednesday and lift up the name of the only One who matters – Jesus. Find out more about the word, selah, and its use in the Psalms here.

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