Wednesday Selah: The Thrill of Hope (Advent Hymn)

The season is upon us.

Stores have had their Christmas goods out for weeks now, competing with both Halloween candy and Thanksgiving decorations, but now the season begins in earnest. Some have already been battling crowds for Black Friday bargains, and others have been glued to the screen for online deals.

The calendar is filling with concerts, services at church, opportunities to serve at holiday events to help others, and all types of gatherings.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to take it slow this year. A little shopping here and there. Making cookies with the family. Planning our Christmas Eve dinner.

But I’m not going to allow myself to get overwhelmed with what the world tells me we need to do during the season.

I’m going to pull out a good Advent devotional, make a cup of tea each evening and remember why we celebrate. I want to settle into that place of anticipation that went before the coming of the Messiah and can live in our hearts again if we are willing to slow down.

The title song from Christy Nockels’ Christmas album is the perfect place to start the soundtrack for my season.


This is post in the ongoing Wednesday Selah series. After diving back into the work week on Monday and racing through all the tasks that Tuesday brings, let’s take a pause on Wednesday and lift up the name of the only One who matters – Jesus. Find out more about the word, selah, and its use in the Psalms here.

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