Sunday Reflection: Finishing 31 Days

It’s the final Sunday of the Write 31 Days challenge and, for me, it’s going to be the end of the challenge.

I’ve managed to get further into the challenge than I have in previous year, but there’s something about writing and posting continuously for 31 days that just never seems to work for me. I never really figured it out before. This year, however, I got to thinking a little more.

I write nearly every day of the week in my job as a reporter for a local newspaper. During October, I come home everyday and try to squeeze even more research and writing out.

By this point in the month, I’m running on empty.

It’s been said that writers must be readers, and I never felt that as acutely as I have this year. During the past day or so, I’ve had zero interest in writing for fun – which is what I always consider this blog – but I have had an urge to just devour every last book on my shelf. All at once. In no particular order.

I’ll continue writing short devotions on a weekly basis about the amazing women who have shaped the church for better or for worse. I also plan to start doing once a week posts on women in the Bible. Wednesday Selahs will also continue.

That’s will all happen after I take a little break.

Thanks for reading along.

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