Sunday reflections: Choosing history

As October marches on, the process of writing these little glimpses into the women of Christian history has gotten more difficult.

I’ve missed two days now due to a lack of planning ahead, and just not feeling like writing when the time came. Of course, there were legitimate reasons both times. The first one I missed was due to getting home from work late after being on the scene of a house fire as a reporter for our local newspaper. Home late, due in to work early the next day, and smelling of smoke is hardly the best combination for writing.

And yesterday? Well, yesterday turned into a long headache-filled slog.

But, the great thing about this challenge is that it’s a grace-filled challenge. Though we miss a day or two, we continue on.

Continuing is more difficult, though. I’m starting to realize what I’ve missed. For example, it dawned on me as I wrote posts focusing on the reformation that I never included women who were instrumental in the Eastern church about 1,000 years earlier.

Now that I’m in the time period in which Christianity has entered the Americas, the challenge becomes one of choice and balance. This is, in a sense, an extension of the reflection I posted earlier in the challenge. There are more and more women from which to choose for a number of reasons – not the least of which is increased availability of writings the women left behind and the splintering of the church into different denominations which each have their own heroes of the faith.

Do I include well-known women from Europe and New England as we move through the 1600s and 1700s, or do I look for women from other nations who were doing great work for the Lord during the same time frame? Why choose Anne Bradstreet over Clarissa Danforth? After a couple of posts about evangelists and teachers, should I do a little searching to find an artist or writer?

There is also a question of diversity. Am I choosing women from a variety of countries and cultures? I’m working in these last ten days to be sure to do so.

But, I realize that there’s much, much more material to be mined here than would fit in a 31-day series so I may as well commit now to continuing my women in Christian history series on the blog after October ends with one devotional-style post per week.

Stick with me. Together, we’ll learn more about our rich heritage as Christians and as women.

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