Friday music extra: Blessed Assurance

I had every intention of writing about Teresa of Avila this evening.

But there’s a little kid. My great-nephew. He’s been sitting here working on reading a book while I was doing my writing and research. I’d write a few words, and he’d point to a word in his book and ask me how to say it.

I decided that Write 31 Days is about grace as much as it is about the writing project so I’m posting about another amazing hymn.

Blessed Assurance is one of thousands of hymns written by the amazing Franny Crosby. It’s always been one of my favorite hymns, and never more so than a couple of weeks ago when my favorite centenarian (Grammy) sang the words from memory at one of her first worship services at a nursing home.

So, while I help a 6-year-old read about the St. Louis Rams in his new football books, listen to this version of Blessed Assurance sung by the incomparable CeCe Winans.


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