(Not quite) Last Weekend: Hiking the Gap

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May has been busier than I had anticipated it would be. Weekends were for bike rides and running, except for one crazy weekend when I participated in the Relay for Life and then did a seven-mile hike through Doubling Gap.

I had always wanted to hike in that area, but I am hesitant to hike alone so I have to take any chance I can to go with a group hike. We started out from the church camp, and the first mile or so was on hard roads and stone until we finally reached the trail.

Unfortunately, there had been heavy rain the day before, and rain on and off during that whole week so the trail had become more like a tiny creek that we all tried to negotiate in a way that would mean the least mess on our shoes so early in the hike. I need not have worried about that because there were two messy stream crossings that followed soon after. After that, the trails were relatively drier, but my shoes still squished with every step.

The photos above tell more of the story, and do a much better job of sharing the scenery than I ever could do with words.

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