Last Weekend: More 5Ks and bike trails

January 2016. Two helicopters crashed off the coast of Hawaii, and its impact was felt here at home. After days of searching, the Marine Corps declared the 12 members of the crews deceased. Among them was Sgt. Adam Schoeller, a 2008 graduate of Boiling Springs High School.

6 May 2017. Adam’s parents, with the help of volunteers and sponsors, put together the inaugural Adam’s Semper fiT Challenge and Semper Fest 2017 to support a memorial fund that raises awareness and support for non-profits that reach out to families in need much as the Schoellers were in the days, weeks and even months following the loss of their son.

I hope it was the first of many.

I never knew Adam, but I shared some adventures with some of his classmates when they were part of the youth group at my church while I was a volunteer youth leader. And there’s this thing around here. It’s kind of similar to a saying the Marines have. Once a Bubbler, always a Bubbler. So, of course, when I heard a 5K was involved I had to sign up.

I was passed early on in the race by what I think was a group of young potential Marines running and chanting in formation. it still amazes me that they all kept the same pace. And the chants!

This was honestly one of the more difficult 5K events I’ve done. The roads at the fairgrounds have a number of short, steep hills, and some were in better shape than others. One downhill, in particular, had quite a few potholes to pick your way through.

All that said, I’d love to do this one again next year. Hopefully, warmer, drier weather would make it an even better experience.


Another day on the rail trail with alternating clouds and sun. I took the upper end that went over the new section into downtown Shippensburg. The new bridge is pictured at the top of the post. This time I went the whole way down to the Oakville rest stop, and turned around to come back to the car. Now, I have covered the entire west end of the trail. There’s not much to speak of at the east end yet so I don’t know when I will do that end.

What’s great about the rail trail is that there is plenty of space to be alone and soak in the beautiful scenery, but there’s also not a single place on the trail where I felt that I was so far away from other people that I couldn’t get help if I needed it. Of course, it’s fun to pass by the families and other hikers or bikers out on the trail. I never can remember, though, which ones I have already passed so they probably think I’m crazy for saying hello every single time I pass them – which is at least twice on an out and back run.



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