Wednesday Selah: One Thing by Hillsong Worship


Sometimes I need the most encouragement with all is well in the world.

When everything falls apart, it’s easier for me to call on the Lord. Friends instinctively step in to offer words of encouragement, helping hands and sometimes stunning dishes I could never hope to make in my kitchen. The church family will pray – oh, will they pray!

But, when everything seems to be going well, we’re sometimes more alone. No cards. No random offers of food. Maybe, just maybe, no one praying for us. They believe – and I even think – that I have it all together and don’t need their help.

But, I do.

I need them to remind me that Jesus matters above all. When life is at its best, I need people to remind me that Jesus is there just as much as I do when life is at its worst. That’s when I need someone to speak into my life by asking how I’m doing with prayer and Bible study. That’s when I need them to say that they are praying that I remain strong.

There’s work for me, too. I need to remember that what I am experiencing, the blessings I am receiving, the goodness that I am seeing is nothing compared to knowing Jesus and making him my “one thing.”

Because, as the song says, everything I have means nothing if Jesus is not my one thing.


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