Saturday Shares: “God”, numbers, and do you want fries with that …

I love podcasts – probably because I am so very in love with storytelling. This week, there were a couple that caught my attention that I want to share … along with some other curiosities from the Internet. Have a lovely Labor Day weekend.

Playing God

This week’s episode from Radiolab stopped me cold with its stories of hospitals in New Orleans and Haiti dealing with limited supplies and overwhelming disaster. It’s more than worth an hour. Here’s the introduction to the episode from the Radiolab website:

When people are dying and you can only save some, how do you choose? Maybe you save the youngest. Or the sickest. Maybe you even just put all the names in a hat and pick at random. Would your answer change if a sick person was standing right in front of you?



More stunning storytelling. This from the Memory Palace as Nate DiMeo paints an audio picture of the night in 1969 in which draft numbers were drawn. I honestly can’t describe it. It’s that good.


And, finally, the video of the week:

You’ve probably seen it.¬†McDonalds recently threw a retirement party for Freia Davis, a woman with Down syndrome who worked for the company for 32 years. Here’s the video, though, just in case you missed it.

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