Saturday Shares: River Song, religious freedom and racking up miles

Welcome to the first Saturday Shares of the new year! It’s a day late, which isn’t probably the best way to start my attempts at more regular blogging.


Bronwyn Lea’s 2013 post on one little word that changed her prayer life has been making the rounds on Twitter recently. It’s worth revisiting.

It raised the old question for me again: why do I always find my prayer list filled with immediate needs, when I know that matters like the Kingdom come, His will be done, missions, justice, global worship etc are weightier and worthy of prayer? Why is it that when I do sit down to pray (and my struggles with that are lengthy and complex) I pray for the “light and momentary afflictions”, and so seldom for the eternal things?


Ed Stetzer writes an important commentary on religious freedom.

Many may believe the religious freedoms of Jews and Christians are beneficial to the “Judeo-Christian” nation but think granting those same freedoms to others would endanger our safety. I get it: Working for the religious freedom of someone else may appear to be endorsing their beliefs.

This is a faulty line of thinking. We must pursue religious freedom for all. Here’s why …


Take a scroll through these 77 self-care ideas for creatives from Fire + Wind Co. I’m kind of partial to #32 and #58. And, surprisingly, #60 is always works for me.


I’ve been flirting with running for about a year now. I go through spurts of enthusiasm, followed by weeks of utter disdain for the sport. I recently stumbled upon a challenge that (for as big as the number sounds) is really about consistency in that it challenges you to crawl, walk or run 2,015 miles in 2016.

There is a registration fee, but that gives you access to an online expo and an amazing Facebook community. You can join me by clicking here (affiliate link).

… and just for the fun…

If you love Doctor Who (and have seen the Christmas special), you will love this sequence that edits together River Song’s first and (maybe) final appearances in the series.


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