Blessed hunger

Copy of Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

My kitten, Sparkie, is loves to eat. He is always hungry, and will eat anything available. If a cat could be passionate about eating, Sparkie is. Nothing stands between him and a good snack. Case in point? Look what he did to my bag of potato chips earlier this week.


I was thinking about this verse from the beatitudes as I was doing the dishes a couple of nights ago. A dirty skillet with the some residual bits of beef barbecue (as we in Pennsylvania define it) was on the counter beside me. Soon, I heard the familiar thump of Sparkie’s paws as he landed on the counter, immediately setting to work licking out every last morsel of barbecue.  The only way to stop him was to yank the pan away from him. Even then, he tried to follow the tasty treat as I sunk the pan beneath the dishwater.

“You must be a hungry little dude,” I said to him, as he looked at me with those deer-in-the-headlights eyes of his.

It dawned on me that this stupid little animal just showed me what it meant to be hungry – so hungry that you sniff out the food, leap a height several times your own size to reach it, and stick with it until it disappears.

When was the last time I was that hungry for God? When was the last time I actively sought Him out, determined to stop at nothing until I found him? What obstacles have I overcome to grow closer to him or to seek out justice in his name? What have I done to make the words “on earth as it is in heaven” true? Have I been faithful in my efforts to follow him?

This is what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness. It’s hungering after God and his righteousness in ways that I can’t even adequately describe. Maybe that’s why this post was so hard to write – until a kitten and his quest for just a taste of people food reminded me of the longing we should all have for the things of God.



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