Borrowed hair, Insta-friends and letting your light shine

Close up of a fountain in downtown Greenville. Yes, I was holding my phone over water.

Close up of a fountain in downtown Greenville. Yes, I was holding my phone over water.

Today was so much more at Allume.

More laughter from Chrystal Evans Hurst as she told her story of having borrowed hair (a wig, to put things in context), borrowed clothes and borrowed jewelry as she went onstage at an event to proclaim “I am a kingdom woman.” When it comes right down to it, that’s the defining characteristic of a kingdom woman, isn’t it? All we have is borrowed from God. Our kingdom work is our attempt to offering back to Him.

More insight from Logan and her publishing team. I’ve always known there was more to writing a book that research and putting thoughts to page. The team showed just how much work it takes over a long period of time. Writing, it seems, is as much patience in the process as it is arranging words in lovely sentences.

More creativity from Rachel in her afternoon session on showing God’s glory in Instagram. I loved my third trip into downtown Greenville with a group of Insta-friends as we chased light, pattern and color down Main Street.

And, I can’t forget more flavor from Tupelo Honey Café. I had to miss dinner because I had to be at the airport to catch a flight home, but a Charleston chicken sandwich with a side of mac and cheese almost made up for it.

IMG_4014Soon, I settled into a window seat on a flight north, where I would land in the dark at a temperature about 20 degrees cooler than the place I had left. As the plane banked to the right while on its ascent, I could see a quarter-moon shining above the lights of the city below. Each light is a house, a business, a place of worship. Each light has a story. From my perspective in seat 20D on United 3753 to Dulles, I could only guess at the stories.

God’s perspective is much higher and much closer at the same time. He doesn’t have to guess. He already knows our stories, and He has given all who walk with him a light. Jesus himself called us the “light of the world.” Each of our lights have story to tell – a unique story of how the Lord met us in the mess and of the beauty that is continually emerging from the ashes.

Somewhere there is someone aching to hear that story – your story. Don’t hide it. Declare it for the world. Let your light shine.

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