Saturday Shares: Shakespeare, the Bible and women leaders

I didn’t spend much time online this week so my list is a little short. They are categorized under heart, mind, soul and strength as outlined in this post – or they would be had I spent more time on the Internet this week.





There’s something about classic literature that does my soul good, so to speak. I doubt I am alone in this. If you have about three hours to spare, pop over to the PBS website to watch David Tennant’s Hamlet from a few years back. It’s a stunning adaptation and will get you ready to go see Benedict Cumberbatch play the lead role when the current Barbican production is broadcast in theaters.


Chuck Lawless offers a simple Bible reading plan to get started:

Many of us overcommit to reading the Word when we first get started. We set our sights high (e.g., “I’ll read every day, and I’ll finish the Bible in one year, even though I’ve never kept that commitment before”) and then get discouraged the first time we miss a day. If you already know you’re unlikely to keep a commitment, start smaller. You’ll never read more until you at least read some.

Julia Mateer writes at Gifted for Leadership about the need to identify women with leadership potential:

Who recognized your leadership potential and put you into a position of influence? We all get into leadership because someone else saw our potential and helped us get there. Now we as leaders have the opportunity to do that for other women. We must identify women leaders so we can impact our communities with the full strength of the church.



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