It’s Craig Groeschel’s fault

Photo via the Global Leadership Summit Twitter feed: @wcgls

Photo via the Global Leadership Summit Twitter feed: @wcgls

Truth be told, I likely would not be blogging again if it weren’t for a swift kick in the pants delivered by Craig Groeschel at this year’s Global Leadership Summit.

Groeschel spoke on the topic of expanding leadership capacity in the last session of the two-day summit. A word of introduction to those who don’t know who Groeschel is. He is the pastor of, which has been a leader in leveraging technology for the advancement of the gospel. YouVersion, for example, was developed by

After a few introductory remarks, Groeschel talked about the 5 C’s of expanding leadership capacity. He prefaced this part of the talk by asking everyone to listen for something that resonated with them, and to make that the focus of their efforts to expand their capacity.

Confidence came first. He spoke of stepping into your calling, and made the memorable statement that “the pathway to your calling is through your greatest fear.” He also made the statement in the graphic above concerning all the negativity we throw at ourselves rather than stepping out confidently.

As he continued to talk about the other C’s – connections, competence and character – it really seemed that confidence would be the one thing that struck a chord.

And then he started talking about commitment.

Then. He. Said. It.

“It’s time you stop kind of trying to do something.”

He took the words right out of my head.

I have been a newspaper reporter and occasional blogger for much of my adult life, but I always said that I wanted to try to write. I was writing. I was not taking writing seriously. I was writing for paychecks at the newspaper, not out of a love for the subject.

At the end of his talk, he asked those watching the summit to stand when he mentioned the C they had chosen. In front of God, my fellow seminary students, the gathered public – and myself – I committed to pursuing writing with renewed passion, believing in what Groeschel said, “There is more in you! Your brain does not understand what God is capable of doing through you.”

Step one in pursuing the dream is to get back into blogging. Step two is to set up a blog that speaks deeply into what it means to live a life God blesses – to experience makarios. More specifically, it’s about a life characterized by loving God with all that is within you and to love others with the same intensity that you love yourself.

What are the other steps and where will they lead?

I have no idea. But, I trust that God orders my steps and I am ready to walk in the path he has prepared.



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2 thoughts on “It’s Craig Groeschel’s fault

  1. Love this. So glad to find your site. Im looking for a button to follow your blog–not on the RSS but old school in the emailbox.
    Can’t wait to see what you put together next!
    Thanks for making my spirit lol.

    • I missed that! Thanks for pointing it out. I was rushing to get the blog set up in time for the Write 31 Days project so I was bound to miss things.

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