This running thing? Just got real …

Running ceased to be much of an option for me in high school.

We had to run the mile for some reason or another. I was clearly one of the slowest in the class even before my bra strap broke on the second lap. It’s hard to pick up speed when you’re trying to hold things together – if you know what I mean.

It’s been a decade (or two) since then. I’ve lost weight and gained it back again. I’ve really got into cycling, and let it fall by the wayside. I’ve had gym memberships and I’ve let them lapse.

Then, for reasons that escape me, I started running. The little couch to 5K app on my phone gave me a plan, and the incentive for health insurance reimbursement provided the goal – until I changed jobs and no longer had that health insurance. I did a run/walk combinations on a couple of 5K events for charity, always finishing in the bottom third of the standings.

My running routine lapsed into oblivion. With no goal, I had no direction. With no direction, I had no motivation, and let other things – anything – take precedence over my workout.

Running became a dream, an idea, an abstract concept.

Until today.

Today, it got real.

I registered for my first half-marathon, the Rock N Roll Half in Philly. I picked that one because it had a great reputation, and there are concerts every mile. I’m thinking that will be motivation – either to run to get to the next great band or to run to get away from the sound of one I don’t like.

I’ve been so encouraged already by the comments to my post on Facebook and Instagram – and the journey is just beginning.

n 8 months, I will cross a finish line. I may or may not come in dead last, but that doesn’t matter.

I got off the couch. I’m lacing up the running shoes. I’m giving my health the priority over my to-do list.

And, in that, I’ve already won.

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