One Word 2015: Fight

True confessions first.

One Word 365 hasn’t worked for me in the way it has apparently worked for others. Even with just one word to think about and focus upon for the entire year, I lost track and (sometimes) interest by the time the calendar page turned over to April or May.

Yet, when I look back on the year, I can see that the word I had chosen had nevertheless filtered through my life. Last year, I focused on revival. Though I didn’t pay as much attention to my word as perhaps I should have, I know now that there are areas in my life that clearly reflected revival during 2014. I’ve jumped back into my seminary studies, partially-revived a dedication to exercise and grew deeper in faith through the challenges that came throughout the year.

That’s essentially the same thing that happened the year before when I chose delight.

And the year before that when I focused on submission.

The truth is that if I want to focus on one word for one year I have to fight for it.

So that’s the word for 2015. Fight.

Truthfully, I wondered if that made any sense when it first came to me. As Crystal wrote in her One Word post, your word finds you. That’s what happened with fight. I can’t say that I prayed extensively over it. I can’t say that it popped out of the pages of Scripture. It did, however, stand out in the chorus of Hillsong United’s Love is War, which I featured in yesterday’s song for Sunday.

I will fight to follow
I will fight for love
To throw my life forever
Into the triumph of the Son

This is my story. I need to fight everyday to faithfully follow. I have to fight against the distractions, against the negativity and darkness of the world. I have to fight to stay on track with The Half 2015 and my seminary studies because Lord knows it would be easier to watch YouTube videos, like Instagram photos and retweet everything on my Twitter timeline.

I thought maybe I was a little crazy for picking such a strong word – and one with potentially negative connotations at that – when I so many others had picked faith-filled words like trust, peace, joy, contentment or challenging words like success, perseverance and others.

Then, I watched the live stream of the Saturday night session of Passion 2015. I took a picture of the notes I wrote as Francis Chan spoke.


There. Capsulized in a message heard by thousands is exactly what had been tumbling through my mind as I chose the word “fight” for 2015. I am too busy, too easily distracted, too tired, too … everything.

“Multi-tasking is keeping me from whole-hearted worship.”

I need to fight to get other thoughts out of my mind so I can spend time – truly spend time – with Jesus.

Sure, the “fight focus” will spread to my writing, running and studying, but it’s main purpose in 2015 is to fight to follow the one who fought – and won – the battle for me.

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