Learning to love – and leave – a schedule

Planning is the key to surviving seminary.

Learning when to scrap the plan is the key to living.

Today’s reading/work plan started with watching a video before work. Then, I planned to finish some reading on my lunch break and to watch another video this evening.

It’s now 9:43 p.m. I’m too tired to watch a video, but I might be able to pull off a little reading.

What happened?

Lunch over a plate over rewarmed spaghetti while reading a text on a Kindle turned into a celebration of a volunteer’s new job with a farewell meal at a local diner. Tonight’s video session turned became dinner out with Dad for the first time in months and a long visit with my 97-year-old Grammy.

There are days when you have to minimize the distractions, keeping to the plan to whittle down a  mountain of assignments into a manageable molehill.

Today wasn’t that day.

Today was marked with those little moments that make life beautiful – laughter, conversation, sharing memories, the rare day when you do no cooking at all.

Will I need to work harder over the weekend to finish everything I put off today? Yes.

Will I regret the time I spent getting to know my new coworkers better or visiting one of my Dad’s favorite restaurants with him or hearing Grandma tell me about her uncle’s fascination with the turnpike tunnels back when they were built? Never.

In the long run, the work gets done. That’s the way I roll. It will happen.

But, it’s what I do in the relationships in my life that make the work worth the doing.


This is day two of a series of posts on the life of a seminary student as part of the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.

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