Epiphany, delight and Mumford and Sons

Reasons why I shouldn’t have been in Fairfax, Virginia on February 13?

Snow. Traffic. Gas money. Traffic. Late night in the middle of the week. Traffic.

But, there was one good reason to be there …

I didn’t think I would be at a Mumford and Sons show anywhere. Tickets for the two nearest shows sold out quickly, but somehow I managed to snag one of the tickets released about two weeks before the show at the Patriot Center on the George Mason University campus.

I ended up with a seat looking down on the stage.

Mumford and Sons performing "The Weight" with their opening bands in the finale. It gives you a pretty good idea of my view for the night.

Mumford and Sons performing “The Weight” with their opening bands in the finale. It gives you a pretty good idea of my view for the night.

Now, this was a great seat. The picture makes it look further away than it was and I had a prime spot for watching the band come out from backstage. Of course, I couldn’t see the big screens that offered close ups of faces singing or fingers picking a banjo.

But, not being able to see the screens let me focus on the band and their music. No distracting glances to the screens. No alarming realization that I just spent hard-earned money to watch a screen instead of a man.

That’s what sparked the epiphany … or the first one of the night.

I don’t remember what song they were playing, but, at some point during the song, Marcus Mumford was furiously strumming away on a guitar and turned away from the audience. He looked over at bandmate, Winston Marshall, with a look of absolute ….

I don’t know how to describe it.



Spotlight during "Little Lion Man"

Spotlight during “Little Lion Man”

What I do know is this. The look spoke volumes. Without a word, it said he loved what he was doing, he was having fun doing it and he was having a blast doing it with these men.

It was a look I saw often among different band members throughout the night.

That’s the image that flashed across my mind as I drove home playing their songs over and over on the car stereo.

Sometime around 3 a.m., I finally settled into bed, thankful I didn’t have to get up early for work when a second epiphany struck in the form of a question.

Do I do anything that makes me feel as fully alive and in the moment as what those musicians did? In what do I have such delight?

To be honest, I haven’t fully answered my own question.

There are plenty of things I enjoy. I love writing. I love talking about issues of justice and the Bible and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus. I love traveling and exploring. I love researching and finding answers to my questions. I love riding my bike. I love taking pictures.

But, can I say that I find any of these activities delightful?


The bigger question is … what do I have to do or change in my life to make that thing, that one thing, more prominent in my life?

Finding out, I suppose, is part of my One Word 2013 journey.

Stay tuned.

Your turn: In what do you take delight?

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