Bike MS 2013: Anticipation

152 days.

Wintry gray will have given way to the colors of spring and the temperate spring to a sultry summer.

152 days.

With some hard work, I’ll have dropped a few pounds to make my task easier.

152 days.

To put in time and miles on the bicycle in preparation for the big day.

152 days.

Until bike MS: Mason-Dixon Challenge 2013.


Officially, the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society describes the event like this:

Bike MS passes through the gently rolling hills, historic towns, farmlands and back roads of Central Pennsylvania’s finest countryside. The routes include fully-stocked rest stops, a lunch stop along the route and safety provided by volunteer EMT’s, HAM radio operators, the local PD and bicycle repair from our partner bike shops. We will conclude the day at Gettysburg College where you will be treated to a delicious meal, massage and musical entertainment.

Your participation will aid in assisting support programs, services, and research that makes a huge difference to the people who must fight MS every day of their lives.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to a vision of a world free of MS.

Me? It’s wicked good day of riding through some of the most historic countryside in the nation that benefits a great cause – one to which I am dedicated because I have friends and relatives who have dealt and are dealing with the effects of MS. Like the National MS Society, I have a vision of a world free of MS.

After last year’s event, I wrote a post detailing my observations of the day. It was mostly the usual goofball stuff that I write, except for the closing lines:

Prior to riding, as I mentioned in a previous post, I thought I wasn’t doing much by riding 35 miles.

That was before I crossed the finish line. There were folks sitting in lawn chairs, cheering as every rider passed by. Volunteers handed out the little medals you see in the photo at the top of the page.

Suddenly, I was a rock star. A rock star who had just completed her longest ride in more than five years … more likely closer to eight years.

So I signed up for next year …

Next year is here.

For the next 20-something weeks, I’ll be posting about MS in some way every Monday. It might be the story of someone with MS. It might be information about the disease. It might be information about the latest research.

And yes, I do have a motive here.

There’s a new badge in the sidebar. The bike MS badge links over to my personal donation page. I’d be ever so happy if you would make a donation.

This year, I’ve started early. I’m working out. I plan to be out on the bike as soon as the weather is reasonable.

Let’s make a deal, shall we?

If friends and blog readers help me reach my goal, I will ride the 62 mile route.*

Double my goal and I ride 100 miles.*

You decide. How far do I ride?



*The fine print: The ride takes place on July 13. Riders at last year’s event talked about years past when the temperature was well up into the 90s with humidity to match. While I will do all I can to fulfill this promise, I have to take safety into consideration and may cut the ride short. I will only do that if it’s an ozone action day or raining heavily.



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