Embracing humility, embracing the kingdom

I didn’t think Allume was going to happen for me this year. It sold out before I could get a ticket. There was little chance of having days off from work approved. And then there was the money factor.

Without getting into too many details, the money worked out and a ticket became available.

And I quit my job.

I didn’t quit just to go to Allume. There were other factors, not the least of which was the realization that what I was doing, as worthy as it was, ran against the skills and passions that God gave me.

Within a few days of walking out the door with no real plan for the future, I had a call, a superquick interview and a job that started less than a month before Allume … and they still let me take off two days!

I told myself it was confirmation from God. A reward for following his path and returning to a life of writing.

Next up? Building my blog, connecting with people who could help grow my blog and gathering posts into e-books.

Bigger, better, bolder!

And then came Trina Holden’s session, “Her Story  with Trina Holden – Your Blog is Not Your Endgame.”

Read the rest of the post over at Donna’s lovely blog, City Chick in the Country. Thanks, Donna, for giving me the opportunity to guest post!

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