Five Minute Friday: Quiet dreams …

Five Minute Friday
This is another Five-Minute Friday post. Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt and bloggers write for five minutes without editing or revising. This week’s prompt is “quiet.” Click over here to see what others have written.

I had one of those strange dreams last night. Well, actually several. It was one of those nights in which I slept incredibly deeply for a couple of hours, then woke up, then fell back asleep. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that!

Anyway, in the most memorable dream I was at a conference. I think it was a youth conference, but I’m not entirely sure. It was one of those ones with a lot of flashy entertaining speakers, events and worship leaders. In the dream, I wasn’t sure about something I was supposed to do as part of an incredibly complicated demonstration. I asked for help and the person in charge berated me for asking.

I went on a rant. I started speaking strongly, forcefully and loudly about how this wasn’t what it was all about. These little games and the bright lights were just a big game drawing us away from what mattered. I honestly wish I could remember it all.

Anyway I moved in the way one moves in dreams. One minute I was yelling at the leader, the next I was in a cafe outside the conference’s main hall telling a small group of people how I dreamed of a quiet conference with prayer walks along the beach and quiet devotions and Bible study.

One by one the poeple around me started to agree.

And then I woke up.

But in the quiet of the morning the images of the dream came back to me. I wondered if that isn’t really something I do want. Maybe the dream is a DREAM – a God-given dream of gathering people for an unconference to quietly pursue Him.

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Quiet dreams …

  1. That would be a beautiful unconference… quiet… unscheduled… worship services where the pianist takes requests and the attendees share what the Lord is doing. A breath of fresh air!

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