The Sandy Storm Journal

In which I chronicle happenings and thoughts during Tropical Storm Sandy as it passes through Central PA.

Monday, October 29

10 a.m. – Dishes are done. Last bit of laundry is in. Decided to take a break from the storm coverage to play around on Twitter and Facebook a little bit while watching an episode of Doctor Who. It’s called Night Terrors from season 6. I totally didn’t remember it and now that it’s on I remember why.

11 a.m. – Now I can hear the rain. Wind is picking up but not too bad yet. I decided to make a hot lunch before heading up to Grammy’s to keep her company during the storm. If the electric is going to go out, my guess is that it will be sometime this afternoon when we start getting the gusts up to 70 miles an hour.

Noon – Not much change since the last update. Wind and rain still increasing. News says that there are vehicle restrictions in place on the interstate and the speed limit has been lowered.

4:40 p.m – Change of venue. I went up to my Grammy’s house at about 1:30 p.m. because the forecast said that the worst of the storm was to start moving in around that time. It didn’t. We’re still getting rain and moderate wind, but not what was expected. I even took a little nap. I didn’t sleep super well, but it was a little something just in case it’s too noisy with the wind tonight to be able to sleep.

We still have electricity – which is a definite blessing. I’ll probably warm up some soup for dinner soon, but there really isn’t much of a hurry since her gas stove will work even if the electricity goes out.

7:11 p.m. – Still not the heavy winds I thought we’d be having by now. I slipped outside and took a moody photo of my car under the streetlight outside. Just as I snapped the shutter, the light went out and the lights in the houses on the other side of the street went out. The light in Grammy’s entryway, where I was standing, stayed on. I had forgotten that her house alone on the block has the electricity coming in from the back. Back in the day, the hospital was nearby and she once had the option of hooking into that line or to the one in the front. She chose the hospital line and has, up until a few years ago, always had her power restored before everyone else.

There was a pretty significant gust just now as I went out the back door to check on the back yard. The ancient, immense pine tree swayed quite a bit, but she’s old and strong (not unlike Grammy). I think they’ll both make it through.

8:38 p.m. – First major light flickering, but the electricity came right back on and has been on ever since. It’s really not bad at all from what I can tell looking out the window. The timeline for the storm seems to have shifted so that the worst will be coming in the next few hours.


So all of the above was written in real time. The rest is not.

I went to bed right around 10 p.m. thinking for all the world that I would be awakened by howling winds around 2 a.m. when the worst of the storm was to be upon us.

It wasn’t.

Sometime right around 2 a.m., I heard a can clattering down the street and a bit of wind, but not the screeching I expected. The next thing I knew, it was a little after 7. I awoke to a cold, drizzly, cloudy day.

My area was spared the worst of Sandy. Weather maps show that we fell neatly between areas of heavy rain to the east and heavy snow to the west.

I’m thankful that we came through safely with no more than some twigs on the ground and an early end to the colors of fall as the leaves were stripped from the trees. Yet, I am keenly aware of the devastation in neighboring states.

And I pray for them ….

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