Waiting for the storm

It’s just after 11 p.m. on Sunday. The Sunday after Allume. It’s quiet, but it’s not going to be that way for long and it wasn’t that way most of the day.

Last week, if you would have asked, I would have thought that I would be taking a really long nap the day after Allume. I’d probably start subscribing to blogs and following new friends on Twitter. I’d take a day of rest, honor the Sabbath and jump into doing all the housework on Monday.

But I didn’t. That storm that so many were talking about at Allume is on our doorstep. A meterologist on TV just said that Sandy would be “destructive, life-threatening and historic.”

Most of that devastation will, of course, be closer to the coast wherever Sandy comes ashore, but it’s going to be tough here in Central Pennsylvania. The forecast says we’ll have winds of 30-40 miles an hour with gust up to 70. The electric company is calling people to give them a message that the electric could be out for several days to a couple of weeks.

So I spent the day (after church!) putting things away outside, making sure my Grammy’s house was ready, cleaning out jugs and containers and filling them with water. I did a load or two of laundry and most of the dishes. Checked and double-checked the flashlights.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll leave my house and go spend the worst of the storm with Grammy. She’s an amazingly self-sufficient and healthy 95-year-old woman of faith but I don’t want her to be alone.

Now, though, now is the quiet. I can hear the beginnings of the rain outside though the real wind isn’t to come until tomorrow. My cat is sleeping and purring next to me as if all is at peace in the world.

After I hit the publish button, I’ll turn off the computer. I’ll head for bed. I’ll stop to pray for the quiet of the heart to last through the howling winds of the storm. I’ll pray for safety for my friends, family and my Allume sisters who find themselves stuck here because of cancelled flights. I’ll pray for God to turn the storm aside and to carry us through it if He doesn’t.

Join me in those prayers?

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