A Song for Sunday: One Thing Remains

I’m scheduling this post a week early.

‘Cause this week’s going to be a doozy.

I work nights on Monday and Tuesday, regular day shift on Wednesday and an early shift on Thursday so that I can work a full eight hours then go to the loveliness that is the Allume Social conference.

Here’s what I know I will be able to say come next Sunday:

  • I’m so tired!
  • I’m so blessed to be be able to share about Him through writing.
  • I’m doubly blessed to have found a community like Allume.
  • I wish I wouldn’t have had to work on Thursday.
  • I should have sprung for the hotel room instead of commuting.
  • God put just the right people in my path all weekend.
  • What am I going to do with all these gifts from the goody bag?

And here’s another thing.

I know that if every little bit of that comes true or if every little bit of that falls through, his love will never fail me and he will never give up on me.

That’s the message another song that seems have been on constant repeat since the Passion CD dropped last March. The original is by Jesus Culture. The video below is Kristian Stanfill leading at Passion 2012.

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