A Song for Sunday: After All (Holy) by Crowder


Yes, it’s late.

Yes, I’ve left everyone hanging for a couple of days on the Emmaus series. I really have to get the hang of my new work schedule. I’m planning a big day tomorrow with a bit of cleaning in the morning and writing the rest of the day.

But today? Today I rested. It’s something I’m working very hard at doing. Over the years, I haven’t been diligent about keeping a Sabbath, a day of rest. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time.

Now, as best I can, I am going to church, making dinner, napping, reading, writing, watching football and just plain taking it easy. The laundry, vacuuming and cleaning cat hair from the furniture can wait until Monday, which is my day off in the new schedule.

It’s not easy. I didn’t plan well and ended up at the grocery store today.

Baby steps.

So, just sit back and let Crowder lead you in a little bit of worship to a holy God before you head to sleep tonight.

You can get back to the busy tomorrow.

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