Bike MS: After the rain

Rain. Just what I didn’t want for the Bike MS: Mason-Dixon Challenge!

But it’s all good. The rain stopped. 35 miles done. $170 raised for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Random thoughts from the day:

  • Bring a small stapler the next time. Attaching the number to the bike is a colossal pain in the neck when you use the twist ties they provide. The darn thing flapped around all day!
  • I tend to start out kind of slow and improve as they day goes on … at least until a point. Doing the longer routes would have been way too much of a stretch.
  • I had to bail out on four hills. The first two were all me. I just didn’t have the engine to get up the hill. The third one was a result of a gear that didn’t quite change correctly. The fourth came after a wrong turn. As a result, I had to make a left turn and go straight up a hill. That meant I lost any momentum I had coming down the previous hill.
  • And about hills. If you know anything about Central Pennsylvania, you should expect hills, especially in the Gettysburg area. After all, any discussion of the battle includes talk about who held the high ground.
  • I passed a house that had nine cats in the front yard. Most of them looked very similar to each other. If I had a couple of cats and one of those cats had kittens to give me a total of nine cats, I know what I would have named cat number 7. If you can guess, you’re a bigger Trekkie than I’ll ever be.
  • I’m an idiot descender. I only know one speed – fast. So, of course, I was probably going too fast on some descents.
  • Somehow, I went much faster in the second two-thirds of the course. Maybe it was the idiot descending skills.
  • I also love riding in cloudy weather. I didn’t even mind that it was a bit chilly and rainy. Would that make me a classics rider if I were a professional.

One last thought that is anything but random.

Prior to riding, as I mentioned in a previous post, I thought I wasn’t doing much by riding 35 miles.

That was before I crossed the finish line. There were folks sitting in lawn chairs, cheering as every rider passed by. Volunteers handed out the little medals you see in the photo at the top of the page.

Suddenly, I was a rock star. A rock star who had just completed her longest ride in more than five years … more likely closer to eight years.

So I signed up for next year …

The 35-mile route

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