On the bookshelf: You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth

If you’ve spent any time in the “Christian Living” section of the local bookstore, you’ve seen dozens of books bearing the message that you are special as a daughter of God. If you’re like me, they’ve left you yearning for a little more than an injection of self-esteem with some Biblical references tossed in.

Enter Holley Gerth.

Holley’s book, You’re Already Amazing, deftly combines Biblical concepts with the knowledge and experience gleaned over the years as a licensed counselor to encourage all women to embrace “who you are, becoming all God created you to be” – as the subtitle said. Sprinkled with exercises to discover various aspects of your personality, Holley concludes with a powerful chapter reminding each of us of God’s many promises to us as his daughters:

  • that we were made for this time and place
  • all we are can be used for God
  • all things really are possible
  • we don’t have to do more
  • we can live differently
  • we are loved
  • God does have a plan for us.

What I appreciated most about Holley’s approach was the exploration of different personality types. In one chapter, for example, she discusses how we connect with people by presenting different scenarios and the ways in which different personality types would react. Not only could I find my own personality type (which was often a smattering of two of them) but I also could identify co-workers and friends in the other types.

If you’re caught in the comparison trap or laboring under the burden of feeling that you have to do more or be more, grab a cup of coffee, a highlighter pen and Holley’s book … and come away relieved.

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