On the go: Favorite iPhone photos of 2011

Recently, I posted my four favorite photos of 2011. I totally forgot that I used my iPhone as my primary camera for much of the year. Crazy that a phone with a camera now can produce images of better quality than the ones I used at the newspaper when we first went digital! As before, I couldn’t come up with just one so here’s my top three.

1. We all need love
I saw this painted on the side of a factory when I started riding my bike to work this spring. I must have rode past it for a month or two before finally deciding to stop and take a photo. I’m glad I did because they painted the whole wall of the factory, covering the drawing.

2. Snow at Relevant
The only snow we’ve had this year in Central PA was the six or so inches that arrived on the Saturday of the Relevant Conference. These little flowers were still in bloom outside the hotel.

3. Saved in an old Bible
I was writing a post about an old Bible on my Grammy’s bookshelf. Inside, I found this flower or clover or something, carefully pressed between the pages. I played with it in one of the nine apps on my iPhone. {Seriously need to get that addiction under control!}

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