2011: The soundtrack

I’m sitting on my couch watching Coldplay on Austin City Limits – a lovely way to ring in 2012 as far as I’m concerned. What better time than to look back at the music I listened to the most in 2011.

Every year I make such a list and it always contains the caveat that the music may not have been released in the previous year. It’s just the music that I seemed want to hear.

Until this year it was highly subjective. Whatever I remembered listening to the most ended up on this list. This year, I got creative. I reset the play count on my iTunes to zero on January 1, 2011. That way, whatever was at the top of the list at the end of the year would be the “for real” music I listened to the most.

Here it is:

Now, a few things to note about this:

1. I didn’t buy a lot of music this year and I listened to Pandora or the single best public radio station around (WXPN!) more often than not. As a result, the newer music I loved didn’t make it to the list. The Civil Wars, for example. Or Adele. Or Foster the People. Or the new Passion CD. All the same, I can’t disagree with what made the list. I definitely stop hitting the next button every time they come on.

2. Clearly I had a British thing going this year. Mumford & Sons. David Bowie. Manic Street Preachers. Coldplay.

Anyway. It’s time to hit the reset button. Let’s see what 2012 brings. In the meantime, enjoy Sigh No More, the first song by Mumford & Sons that I ever heard.

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