Monday Morning Prayer: The Penn State-Nebraska edition

A sea of red and blue gathered at midfield prior to the Penn State-Nebraska game Saturday. In a few moments, the two teams would be going full tilt at each other to win this key Big 10 match-up.

But right then, in that moment, they were men seeking God in the midst of a devastating scandal involving a former Penn State assistant coach.

Ron Brown, an assistant Nebraska coach and the founder of Mission Nebraska, led the prayer, calling on protection for the victims and for truth and justice to be known. “Every one of these men have been called to this platform today,” Brown prayed. “And Lord, we know that we don’t have control of all the events that took place this week, but we do know that you’re bigger than it all.”

After the game, Brown summarized his prayer to the Altoona Mirror, “”Everybody was kneeling, their helmets off in reverence to God, asking God to heal this place.”

May God indeed heal this place.

Not just Penn State.

But also nation that has seen far too many of these sorts of scandals.

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