Sista-voices of God

She flat-out asked me within the first half-hour of Relevant.

“What do you want from the conference?” Lisa-Jo (aka the gypsy mama) asked.

I told her about how my blog had more focus when I started than it did now and how I wanted to find direction.

That was true … as far as it went.

What I really wanted was to hear God’s voice.

If he wanted to talk to me about blogging, great. If not, great. I just wanted to hear him.

The first evening passes without a whisper.

No voices the first morning … or afternoon … or evening. Nothing as I jumped out of bed Saturday morning thinking that breakfast was at 8 a.m. not 8:30 a.m.

Why, God? You’re talking to everyone else. I see it on the Twitter stream. I hear them talking about it. Didn’t you want to say anything to this daughter of yours this weekend? You brought me here. What did you want to show me, tell me?

Then I thought of Bonni and her encouraging words when I told her about my ideas for e-books that looked at Scriptures (particularly the Old Testament) in creative ways.

And then I heard Johanna’s laughter as we talked late into the night about dreams and visions for social media at The Seed Company while we rehashed the talks from the speakers and sessions that day.

I remembered the jolt I felt when Tsh talked about being in your element when you work at the intersection of your skills and passion.

I listened to Shaun Groves, Kristi Greim and Kristen Welch talk about communicating a cause to blog readers with grace and compassion … and then a few hours later see about 15 women come to a meet-up of bloggers interested in using their voice to speak for the Bibleless.

I saw a prayer room filled with women writing, writing, writing in journals they would give away.

I marveled at how I seemed to pick seats at random tables only to be joined by women I had “met” on Twitter and hoped to see in real life.

I heard my own voice as I talked about the beauty of the interconnections between the Old and New Testaments.

Then, a lightning bolt.

God had been speaking all along.

He spoke through the sister-voices (and one brother voice!) all weekend, inviting me to remember my first love … Him and the precious Word he gave us.

How does that translate to blogging life?

I’m not sure yet.

Sometimes God only – maddeningly – reveals his will a step at a time. For now, I simply rest in his presence and in his word.

And, I keep listening for the sista-voices of God speaking truth over me …

2 thoughts on “Sista-voices of God

  1. I am so glad we got to meet! Looking forward to running alongside of you, to bring God’s Word to the nations!

  2. Tammie, it really was fun, wasn’t it, hanging out late into the night and rehashing the day’s events … I will really cherish that. I’m honored to be a “sista voice.”

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