On the bookshelf: Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me by Ian Morgan Cron

It’s been quite some time since I read a book that I couldn’t put down.

Then came Ian Morgan Cron’s Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me: A Memoir … of sorts. Each page takes readers deeper into Cron’s relationship with his mysterious, sometimes violent alcoholic father and the chaos his not-so-secret condition imparts on the family. Mirroring the deteriorating relationship with his earthly father is a journey away from the Heavenly Father that Cron adored as a boy serving in his church.

The memoir is engaging storytelling at its best. There are moments when you want to cry at the injustice of it all. Other times you just have to laugh at the images Cron paints of the situations in which he and his family members find themselves. In the end, though, you know he has found peace with God and his family in a touching scene involving 40-foot leaps off a quarry ledge.

Yet, a question lingers. Maybe it’s because I was in youth ministry for so long that it even came to mind. How many children and teens on our churches today are dealing with broken relationships with their earthly father? How can we as adults come alongside them and help them to understand that their heavenly Father is different? Moreover, what can we do to help those children through terrible times of doubt when they feel that God isn’t listening to their insistent prayers for deliverance?

These are questions for discussion over time. In the meantime, check out Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me.

Disclaimer: This book was provided for me free of charge by Thomas Nelson publishers in return for an honest review on this blog.

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