On the bookshelf: The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster

I love traveling … for any reason. I love driving on two-lane roads as much as I do flying between cities. Anytime I have the chance to go away, I get a break from the routine and, more often than not, discover a little something more about myself along the way.

In a sense such voyages of discovery are what Charles Foster explores in The Sacred Journey. Drawing on the history of pilgrimage in different faith traditions, Foster offers encouragement to those embarking on a sacred journey while exploring the idea that every day can be approached as a pilgrimage. He suggests that God himself has a bias toward the wanderer, noting that Jesus never had a permanent home during his life on earth.

The Sacred Journey isn’t a guidebook. It won’t tell you what to see in Jerusalem. It won’t offer the best ways to travel to Santiago. It won’t offer packing lists or itineraries. It does, however, speak to the spiritual preparation for the journey, the journey itself and the re-entry into everyday life after the journey.

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