On the bookshelf: Fearless

If we’ve gained anything from the 24-hour news cycle, it’s a greater capacity for fear. We’re afraid of what the stock market might do or what it might not do. We’re afraid of terrorism. We’re afraid of the H1N1 virus. We’re afraid our children are being left behind and we’re afraid of legislation crafted to ensure that they aren’t. Each new bump, bruise or ache is a cause for concern. Into this culture of anxiety comes Max Lucado’s latest book, Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear.

Lucado delves into the fears that drive us most with each chapter focusing on a particular type of fear — fear of not mattering, fear of overwhelming challenges, fear of violence, fear of doubt and more. Each chapter begins with an illustration, told in the typical, straight-forward style that marks Lucado’s writing before bringing the modern fear into the light of age-old Scriptures the truths of which ring true today. In revealing how Jesus helped his followers deal with fear, we, too are taught how to tame our anxiety.

It is, perhaps, the final chapter and the conclusion that offers the most insight into how our fears relate to our faith. As Lucado writes, “When Christ is great, our fears are not.” It’s an insight that believers know, or should know instinctively. Sometimes, we just need gentle reminder from a pastoral voice like Lucado’s to remind us that faith trumps fear.

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