Blue sky coming …

Tonight our group of 15 that journeyed to Pasacagoula, Mississippi this past July did a program about our trip, the repairs we did for the homeowners and thoughts about mission trips in general.

Like the trip itself, the program was intergenerational. I did the introduction and my co-conspirator (as I call the co-leader of the trip) talked about the construction efforts. My grandmother (an 89-year-old trip participant) sang a song and the youth were featured heavily in the photos.

Sometime during the service, when I was simply pressing a button to make the pictures move ahead — or maybe when it was while I was watching one of the clips of the news coverage of the hurricane as it hit the shores of Southern Mississippi — I had one of those glimpse of God moments.

One clip showed huge casino barges that the awesome power of the storm had moved across a highway and deposited onto the properties across the road. Another showed the raging wind and the horizontal rain. Still another showed historical homes reduced to rubble. Then, we started through the photos of “our house”. There’s the before shot with walls missing and junk piles in the yard. There’s the bathroom floor that had been ripped out.

And there, there, up in the corner, is the most beautiful blue sky. Not a cloud. Not a shadow. Just deep blue stretching from the barely-there roof of a hurricane ravaged home to the very doorstep of heaven.

After the storm, the peace returns. In the middle of the storm, we find it incredibly hard to believe that. In the middle of the storm, we are tossed around by the wind, soaked by the rain. The storm clouds envelop us and, in that moment, we have a choice.

We can take that moment and curse the storm, bemoan our circumstances and sink into the depths of despair.

Or, we can take that moment and worship God. Worship God? For what? That may be the toughest thing about storms. The wind and rain blind us to His presence. But, He’s there. If we can do nothing else, we can worship him for that.

And, we can worship Him for the blue sky that’s coming. Because it will come …

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