My contemplation about what makes a worship song timeless was put on hold this week. I was too busy thinking about worship songs in the present tense as we work on having some of the youth lead worship at youth group this year. We’re starting out small and simple. That’s probably the best way. Everyone there could sing and we have a piano player who could transpose music on the fly (or pretty close to on the fly anyway). I don’t know about the girls, but I had a great time just hanging out with them and listening to good music.

We picked out a handful of songs that we could work on and be able to do fairly quickly because they were familiar. There are some others that we are going to need to work on a little, but its a great start to a worship team.

Here’s one of the songs we picked for youth group this week. I couldn’t find a clip so it’s just the lyrics to Faithful Love by Rita Springer:

Lord Your faithful love
It comes to me like healing
Leaving me undone
Your mercy and favor revealing

From the bottom of my heart
I know You are who You say You are
So I give all I am to You

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