I’ve been thinking a lot about worship lately .. lately being, oh, the last two years or so … what it is, what it isn’t, the great songs, the not-so-great songs, the songs I can play on my guitar, how to lead on the rare occasions that I do, leading when I’m a speaker, casting the vision for others to see …

So, now I’m going to commit these thoughts to type, complete with links to articles, videos and whatever else I find interesting out there in the world.

So with these thoughts in mind we start with the video below of one of my favorite worship leaders talking about worship. Note the setting. Kind of cool how a guy can be in the midst of accepting awards and still talk about reflecting God’s light.

Now, for this week’s song. I’m not sure how it would translate to a church setting, but when I heard it for the first time at the National Youth Workers Convention in Pittsburgh 2005 it was as if my heart stood still as I realized how closely the lyrics mirrored what I had experienced over the past few days. The artist is Starfield. Song is Alive In This Moment. I tried to find a video, but only came up with this clip. At least it’s kind of long as clips go. Here are the lyrics:

It’s been so long since I have met You here
Since I have said these words or cried these tears
And like a child would come I run into our secret place
And as the music fades, the tears are rolling down my face

I am alive in this moment
In this moment I am found
I am alive in this moment
In this moment I belong

It’s been so long since I have met You here
Since I have heard You speak or let You near
And like a wayward son I’ve come with nothing left to hide
Here in this moment I have come to offer up my life

Here only one fire burns, it burns
Here only one melody is heard
Once again for the very first time
My eyes are opening

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