What a start!

It’s been awhile, but for good reason.

The week before last I was crazy busy trying to get things wrapped up at work and to get packed up to head out to the first of my intensive classes for seminary. Then last week was an incredible first week of classes.

It seems a shame to even call that week a class. It was more an experience. Yet, even as I type it, that doesn’t even begin to explain it.

It begins with meeting the other four people in my cohort and talking with the people from Winebrenner on Monday morning and continues through shared meals, late-night card games, a Taize prayer service and rides on 50-year-old bikes to go get ice cream. And, that was just the outside of class stuff.

Class didn’t seem like class so much. Time flew by as Dr. G. led us in so many topics and exercises and such that it’s impossible to really detail them all here.

Now, comes the work of the thing as I need to get a paper ready. That’s on top of the work for class #2 that’s also due in August with a mission trip in between.

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