It’s all about to change …

I’m sitting at the table in the kitchen, looking past the little pile of dishes that I really ought to clean. The view out the window is a little limited from this far back in the kitchen. There’s the rogue tree that grew up beside our shed from one of those little helicopter-like seed pods and lives under the constant threat of death by hatchet (though, truthfully, the rugged little bugger is growing into chain saw territory). There’s the roof of the house behind us and an older tree beyond that.

It’s a view I’m going to become very familiar with over the next four years.

Last week, I received my acceptance letter from Winebrenner Theological Seminary, where I will be pursuing a Master of Arts in Church Development via their new long distance learning program.

I’ve discovered the kitchen is the very best place for me to work because there’s just enough distraction to keep me from going insane, but not too much that I get too distracted and can’t do my work.

Tonight has really been night one of my return to the classroom. Clearly, I am familiar with the Internet, but it is no less amazing to me that I can sit here in my kitchen, looking at the rogue tree while the full text of a magazine article is downloading from the school’s library some 400 miles away.

It’s going to be an interesting journey.

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