The road less traveled

And as we talked I was speechless
for my heart pounded
And as we walked a little while
I knew that I’d been found
and here I am no more disguise,
no longer blinded
I see it clear, I am yours, I am yours

And You are breath taking and breath giving

I rise above all the flattery and frowns
I put my head up to your chest
and listen for sound
You make me brave every time I see you smile
I see it clear, I am yours, I am yours

Doesn’t my heart burn within me …

Bravery from Charlie Hall’s Flying Into Daybreak

This past weekend was another one of traveling. So far this year alone I have put over 8000 miles on the soda can. I might have a contest among the youth group gang to see who can correctly guess the date on which the soda can will log 100,000 miles. Winner gets … something.

This time I couldn’t face another monotonous trip on the turnpike. Frankly, I couldn’t really afford it with gas at nearly $3 a gallon. The soda can gets excellent gas mileage, but still …

So after church (which included my guitar-playing debut, which is a story for another day) I hopped on I-81 and exited at Route 30, one of those historic, scenic highways that goes through towns and over mountains instead of around and through them, respectively.

As I drove out, the clouds – a reminder of the much needed rain we received Saturday – began to slowly dissipate, but I wasn’t prepared for the brilliance of the sun on the return trip home.

The clouds had totally vanished, leaving behind the most amazingly blue sky I think I had ever seen. Budding trees splashed high-definition color in various shades of green and lavender against that blue backdrop as I drove up the twisting and turning road over the mountain.

As I drove along I had a feeling I just couldn’t describe. Then, the bridge from the Charlie Hall song quoted above just popped into my head – “Doesn’t my heart burn within me.”

That was it! I just felt my heart was ready to explode from my chest with admiration, love, praise for the One who created all the wonder I was seeing and yet calls me to be His. Even now, as I see the words I have chosen to describe the whole experience, I know I haven’t done it justice. It amazes me how the simplest of moments can turn into the most sacred of experiences without our realizing it until we burst into songs of praise.

And part of me realizes that the only reason I had this divine encounter was because I chose the road less traveled. I took a path away from the concrete dividers, toll booths, exit ramps and trucks jostling for position on the highway and chose the nearly empty two lane road, opening the window to the magnificence of creation.

So, I wonder, isn’t that sometimes what Christ asks us to do in our walk with him?

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