Back to the weekend … part one

A note before I begin: This is the third attempt to publish the same post. First, a computer malfunction and then an internet or blogger malfunction. If it doesn’t work this time, no one will ever know because I will not try again. I will take it as a sign from God that I was to keep all of this to myself.

So, cool weekend. So busy through the week that I haven’t been able to reconstruct it. Well, that’s not exactly true as indicated above with the crazed computer issues.

For some time now, I have been contemplating seminary, but have been a bit indecisive about if I was truly being called to it or if it was just another thing I wanted to do. This weekend seemed to prove it was the former.

For the first time in about four years, Winebrenner Seminary had its Pathway to Ministry event on a weekend on which I had nothing scheduled. Amazing, that. I decided nearly at the last minute to go and was able to book a hotel room (not that Findlay, Ohio frequently has problems with hotel rooms filling too quickly, I imagine).

Friday dawned as one of the more beautiful days so far this spring. Warm, but with a forecast of rain to come at some point at night. I left work just after 5 p.m. and headed out on highways I had never traveled before.

Ever have a moment that seemed cinematic? Happens sometimes to me while driving when conditions come together in just a certain way. Picture the reddish, blue sky with a bit of haze as the sun is setting on a warm day with inbound rain. Driving on a slightly hilly, winding country road and Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game playing on the mp3 player (through the radio, safety fans, not headsets). Cool.

The promised rain soon came and I learned that Interstate 80 is perhaps the darkest, most rural highway I have ever seen. I finally spotted an exit that had quite a few fast food establishments and stopped for a bite at Arby’s, little knowing that it would be the last pit stop of any length for the remaining five or so hours of the trip since the Ohio Turnpike people like to play a little game with us travelers by putting up signs promising Krispy Kremes and Starbucks at their rest stops only to find that after 10 p.m. or so, the golden arches is all that remains open for the road-weary.

The best part of the drive, though, came when I popped in a CD of Louie’s Wednesday night talk from Passion 06 – the one that used NASA photographs to illustrate the grandeur of God. Almost as if to accent the message, the clouds parted slightly and I could see a sliver of a pale yellow moon shining through the clouds. What a beautiful reminder that God is always there even though he may seem hidden from time to time.

Rolled into the hotel just after 1 a.m. and slept somewhat ok. Who knew birds could be so loud? And, note to self: Make sure to make reservations at a hotel that does not allow dogs …

to be continued

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