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After years of intermittent blogging and somewhat more consistent news writing, I have finally created a dedicated space online for all of my writing endeavors. Take a look around. You’ll find book reviews, devotionals, essays and even some of my favorite articles written for the local newspaper.

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  • The Book Shelf: Open-Door Living by Jen Schmidt

    28 March 2019 by

    For those, like me, who are terrified of what hospitality has become in the age of Pinterest and 24/7 home and garden television, Jen Schmidt’s Open-Door Living is a breath of fresh air, showing how to make things comfortable and cozy for guests without losing your mind or spending a lot of money. The book… Read more

  • Christmas can wait (a #TBT post)

    7 December 2018 by

    I had one of the coolest temp jobs ever in college. It was temp in every possible sense of the word, lasting only one night and paying pretty decently for the late 80s/early 90s. The local mall contracted with the theater department at my college to put up the rather extravagant Christmas decorations. We would… Read more

  • The Bookshelf: Mi Casa Uptown by Rich Perez

    28 May 2018 by

    I have to be honest. This book has been in a partially-read state for quite some time, which may say something about the book itself in that there were parts that simply didn’t compel me forward. I can’t argue with the premise. The tag line on the back cover reads, “What if, instead of contempt,… Read more

  • The Bookshelf: The Dream of You

    11 February 2018 by

    Who were you before you started to listen to everyone else? What dreams did you have before the world talked you out of them? Who did you become to negotiate your way through the world? These are the piercing questions trainer, speaker and author Jo Saxton explores in The Dream of You: Let Go of… Read more

  • The Bookshelf: Christ Chronological

    10 February 2018 by

    I’ve always wanted to read the gospels in chronological order. There are reading plans available all over the Internet and in apps that guide you in doing just that, but these never clicked for me. Christ Chronological changes that. Where the reading guides and apps have the reader scrolling from screen to screen or flipping… Read more

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In the newspaper

I’m a writer. Of course I have a day job – a journalist with my hometown newspaper. Here are a few highlights …

Closer Look: Homelessness in Carlisle

Being homeless isn’t a choice. Scott Shewell, executive director of Safe Harbour in Carlisle, said he fights that misperception every day.

The stereotype is that people experiencing homelessness game the system to take advantage of free offerings, or that they are lazy and want someone to take care of them.

This series won a 2018 Keystone Award for a series.

Taking the Lead: Women climb to pinnacle of higher education in Cumberland County

Kim Phipps admits she may have overprepared for the Middle Atlantic Conference meetings she had to attend in her role as president of Messiah College when she first stepped into the position 14 years ago.

She wanted to do her best for her students, but she wasn’t an athlete, didn’t have a natural sports background and, perhaps most obviously, was the only woman in the room for the 17-member NCAA Division III athletic conference meeting.