Christmas can wait (a #TBT post)

I had one of the coolest temp jobs ever in college. It was temp in every possible sense of the word, lasting only one night and paying pretty decently for the late 80s/early 90s. The local mall contracted with the theater department at my college to put up the rather extravagant Christmas decorations. We would … [Read more…]

To the cretin in the pick-up truck

I’m compelled to write this missive to you – an unknown, faceless figure who poked his head out of the window of a pick-up truck past its prime (but not its primer.) You were driving down a main street in town. I was safely pedaling in the bike lane. The you made this noise. I … [Read more…]

Ten years later …

  A ten-year journey will be coming to a close at the moment I have scheduled this post to publish. At 10:30 a.m., I will be lined up with my fellow graduates of Winebrenner Theological Seminary, waiting for the first notes of the processional to signal the start of the commencement ceremony. Though it comes … [Read more…]

A mother’s goodbye

  She wore a red shirt that declared she was the proud mother of a Marine. With two smaller children in tow and a husband walking alongside, she trailed a step or two behind a young, muscular man. He might have been over 20, but probably not. He walked to the security checkpoint to present … [Read more…]

An act of devotion

They slowly followed the young man to the table. He walked well, but slowly. She walked slowly, but not as well with a slight tilt to her head and an arm in a permanent bend. He smiled at them, handed them menus and helped them settle in — both of them on the same side … [Read more…]