Blessed mourning

If there is a single verse that shows the inadequacies of the English language when it comes to describing makarios, it is this one. “Blessed” isn’t quite perfect, but there are translations that use “happy” or “fortunate” to describe those who mourn. Those were the last words I would have used to describe what it … [Read more…]

Blessed emptiness

  Jesus already had their attention. By the time the crowds settled in on a Judean hillside to hear the first extended teaching of the New Testament, Jesus had called his disciples to follow him. He had started to proclaim the kingdom of God. He was healing diseases and casting out demons. He was teaching … [Read more…]

More than “blessed”

What does makarios mean anyway? And, where did I find such a word? It was in the middle of a fascinating chapter on language in E. Richard Randolph and Brandon J. O’Brien’s book, Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible. The chapter proposed that though the language of the … [Read more…]