The Bookshelf: The Dream of You

  Who were you before you started to listen to everyone else? What dreams did you have before the world talked you out of them? Who did you become to negotiate your way through the world? These are the piercing questions trainer, speaker and author Jo Saxton explores in The Dream of You: Let Go … [Read more…]

The Bookshelf: Christ Chronological

  I’ve always wanted to read the gospels in chronological order. There are reading plans available all over the Internet and in apps that guide you in doing just that, but these never clicked for me. Christ Chronological changes that. Where the reading guides and apps have the reader scrolling from screen to screen or … [Read more…]

A gift of divine grace (a #TBT post)

It doesn’t look promising for the people of Judah. From Isaiah 7:18 through the end of chapter 8, it’s a message of despair. Armies will march. People will be humiliated. The population will be diminished to the point that just a couple of animals can provide enough food. They will find themselves oppressed by the … [Read more…]